“Baguio’s Forest House wins hearts with a prized service formula.”


“Forest House is definitely good stuff.”


“One of the country’s best restaurants in Baguio City, Forest House Bistro and Café, follows this strategy: keep prices low but not necessarily the lowest and find ways to offer value extras that the reasonable-price competitors can’t match.”

“Home for the Ravenous”


“After a heavy feast, one can enjoy its authentic Benguet coffee that is touted to be one of the best in the country.”


“Cozy, relaxed ambiance reminiscent of the (old) Baguio.”


“Dining at Forest House is one memorable experience. Service staff attend to your needs quickly and assure you that all your requests are granted. They make you feel important. Food is served rather fast and empty plates are immediately removed to avoid clutter, giving your table more room for other dishes to come.“

“Delightful place, good food, gracious service that makes you feel like a queen even if only for a fleeting moment.”


August 25, 2001


“Baguio’s foodie haven: warmth of a log cabin and country look.”

“Treasures in the Forest.”


May 31, 2001


“For the jaded urbanite immune to practiced pleasantries, the genuine friendliness and hospitality of the owners (and staff) comes as a refreshing condiment to good food.”

“ The visit is truly worthwhile, giving you even more reasons to sit back, relax, enjoy the food and reminisce about Baguio’s days gone by.”

- F&B WORLD, Restaurant Watch

March/April 2006


“Nothing better than sharing diverse stories, exchanging warm smiles, and swapping heartfelt glances over a delightful serving of sumptuous delicacies, dining at its very best.”

“Apart from its cozy, intimate ambiance, Forest House has been earning nods because of its good food.”


Volume 8 No. 77


“The tenderloin steak got the thumbs-up from Dino, COOK’s food editor and in-house chef, (perfectly seared, and crusted on the outside and medium on the inside, still pink).”


October 2007


“Forest House Bistro and Café in Baguio City is a favorite stop among locals and tourists”

“The owner’s warmth and hospitality is displayed a thousand and one ways- through the warmth of the décor, through the staff’s ability to attend to you as if no other person deserves the same kind of attention.”


“Visit Forest House, take your time, enjoy the ambiance, and dine with style.”

Forest House has conquered the hearts of diners, both locals and tourists.”


“Definitely a café in a class of its own.”


“A family restaurant,which is why the environment is genuine.”


“Staff of Forest House is very much service oriented.”


“Certainly, Forest House Bistro and Café could be your haven from the stress of city life.”


Forest House Gallery

Forest House Bed and Breakfast